Meet the Staff


Secley Kennedy Secley Kennedy
Executive Assistant
Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson
Business Support Specialist II
Jenna Sapp Jenna Sapp
Mgr II, Business Admin

Agricultural Systems Management

Misty Grant Misty Grant
Office Support Assistant IV


Photo Unavailable Gordon Ellison
Senior Research Technician
David A. Grant David A. Grant
Engineer II
Jean Gruenewald Jean Gruenewald
Academic Adviser
Jean Gruenewald Abhijit Gurjarpadhye
Senior Research Scientist
Logan Howard Logan Howard
Office Support Asst IV
Jill Jouret Jill Jouret
Engineer I

Food Science

Lakdas Fernando Lakdas Fernando
Research Analyst
Photo Unavailable Jennifer Garrett
Office Support Assistant IV


Kristi Perry Kristi Perry
Office Support Assistant IV
Photo Unavailable Samantha Tellatin
Extension Associate

Hospitality Management

Photo unavailable Tammy Carmichael
Office Support Assistant IV
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